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Who can become a client of Acuwealth Advisors?
Any individual or a family who requires advice in managing their personal finance and investments can become our clients.
Is there a minimum threshold of investments required?
No, there is no minimum investment amount required to become a client.
Do you offer services only to clients in Chennai?
No, we offer services to clients across the world and we are location agnostic.
How do I become a client of Acuwealth Advisors?
Simple, please send an email to venkat@acuwealth.com or call us on "+91 9841-567-379" and we will get in touch with you.
What services are offered by Acuwealth Advisors?
Acuwealth Advisors is in the Financial Advisory business. We provide Comprehensive Financial Assessment and review services, Investment Advisory and Insurance Planning services across different asset classes.
What is the time taken to complete a Comprehensive Financial Assessment Report?
It depends on how soon our client is able to provide complete financial data. Once all details are collected, typically it takes 2 weeks for us to complete a plan.
How do you collect the personal financial data?
We prefer a face to face meeting for the purpose of collection of data in the first place.
How flexible is Comprehensive Financial Assessment Report prepared by Acuwealth Advisors?
It is quite flexible. Once we prepare the plan, we discuss it with the client and take their consent before implementation of the plan. If there are further queries or suggestions, we are happy to look at them and fine-tune the plan as required.
Do you offer Comprehensive Financial Assessment services to Non-Resident Indians?
Yes, we do offer for NRIs. But it is made clear that our expertise lies in Indian investments, tax laws and financial products.
What kind of fees payable to avail your services?
We charge a one-time financial planning fee and an annual retainer fee.
What are the different kinds of services provided for a financial planning client?
We provide a wide range of services on an ongoing basis. Please refer to the "List of Services" section for more details
When is the advisory fee payable?
The advisory fee is payable after the delivery of the plan to the client.
When is the annual retainer fee payable?
The annual retainer fee is payable at the time of annual review of the plan
How frequently the Comprehensive Financial Assessment Report is reviewed?
We review the plan on a yearly basis or if there is a significant change in the financial life of our client.
Will financial planning ensure that I get superior returns on the investment products recommended?
Financial Planning strives to ensure overall financial stability through prudent investment choices across categories taking into account your risk appetite. The primary objective is NOT to produce superior investment returns within a specific time period, but to build wealth in a sustainable manner with risk cover over a period of time.
Can we avail only Investment Planning services or Insurance Planning services?
Yes, you can start off with a modular approach of taking our advice with regards to your investments or insurance planning.
How frequently can I get the investment statements?
We provide annual investment statements (usually in April) for your investments through us. Having said that, we offer an online portfolio monitoring portal where you can log in and view your portfolio anytime.
How is Acuwealth Advisors different from Relationship/Wealth Managers of Banks?
We are independent advisors who work on behalf of you, the client, with no sales target. Relationship/Wealth Managers typically work for a Bank/Stock Broker with sales targets to achieve.

The primary objective of us is to provide objective advice to clients in choosing investment products in line with your risk appetite. Relationship/Wealth Managers are normally focused on promoting their own products or products of companies which they are tied up with.
Will Acuwealth Advisors help in filing my tax returns and compliance?
Yes, we can help you file your annual tax returns and other compliance functions.

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