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  • Rational assumptions will be made about economic variables based on currently available information.
  • No guarantees are made and no liabilities are accepted for any losses which might happen due to actions taken as a result of our report.
  • While all attempts have been made to guarantee the confidentiality and accuracy of the Information, the information may be shared with Government and Regulatory Authorities, if demanded by them.
  • This report should not be considered as legal or tax advice. It is not a substitute for consultation with your lawyer, accountant as per need.
  • All market linked investment returns will reflect the performance of the underlying assets of the products you have chosen and will go up and down with the value of the products assets.
  • Any calculated projections or any predictions given by us to you are not guaranteed and are merely an expression of opinion only and are not intended for other than illustration purposes only.
  • Any report, product information, goods, services or advice ("advice") given to you has been prepared from the information supplied to us from you. Any decisions made by you in reliance upon or in relation to such advice are to be made by you and not by us. You are therefore exclusively responsible for all acts and decisions in making any decisions in reliance on any advice or materials supplied to us by you.
  • It does not constitute any offer, recommendation or solicitation to any person to enter into any transaction or adopt any hedging, trading or investment strategy, nor does it constitute any prediction of likely future movements in rates or prices or any representation that any such future movements will not exceed those shown in any illustration.
  • Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance; the value, price or income from investments may fall as well as raise.  Advisor, and/or a connected company, may have a position in any of the instruments or currencies mentioned in this document.

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